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Wealth Spectrum Levels

Your Wealth Spectrum

“Don’t chase the pot of gold. Instead, paint the rainbow.” 

Where are you on the Millionaire Map?


Once you know your profile, you will find that there are nine levels to each profile. Like the coloured slopes on a ski run or the coloured belts in karate, each level requires different strategies and techniques to step up.

The Wealth Profile shows you who you are and the Wealth Spectrum shows you where you are.  Being clear on your level will change your priorities and reveal the blind spots that you need to be focusing on.

The Three Prisms

The nine spectrum levels are grouped in three prisms. Sustainable wealth in each depends on mastering the one before.

The Foundation Prism is about your personal flow: Your personal life design.

The Enterprise Prism is about market flow: How you create connection and flow through the market.

The Alchemy Prism is about global flow: How we achieve World Wide Wealth.

Like tinted glasses, your present colour only allows you to see solutions and opportunities of that colour. Get the power to choose your colour.

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