June 2012


3 Personal Branding Tips:

Dear Member,

What does it take to stand out? Artist Lui Bolin (painted from head-to-toe next to the shopper in this picture) has become famous by disappearing... Here's 3 counter-intuitive lessons from the Invisible Man:

Make a powerful stand softly:

In 2005 the artist village that Lui Bolin lived in, Suo Jia Cun, was destroyed by the Chinese Government, making him homeless. Bolin responded by painting himself into his pictures so he became invisible, as a silent protest to the government’s actions.

While a lot of advice on personal promotion is to stand out and shout out, the most powerful identities have a powerful message that they share quietly without needing to be heard.

Commit to your message for the long term:

Lui Bolin made his stand with his first series “Hiding in the City” in November 2005. He painted himself into Chinese cityscapes and political slogans. Few noticed his first works at the beginning. He continued with a steady chain of new pictures over the next six years, expanding them to Italy and New York. Gradually, in 2010 and 2011, he began to be noticed and, finally, several months ago he was featured in Harper’s Bazaar, followed by a wave of global media.

While there is plenty of advice out there on designing headline-grabbing promotions, those with the greatest impact in the world have become globally known through a long term, consistent, patient commitment to their message.

Be a part of your art:

Lui Bolin is walking the talk by being a part of his message - literally. While every setting is different, the message is the same. As he says: “What’s most important is the idea, the concept.” His message was spurred by the persecution of the government, but has expanded over the years. As he now says of his latest work: “The inspiration behind my work was a sense of not fitting in to modern society.”

What’s your big idea? The one big message you’re willing to share daily, even if no one is listening; The one that you will not tire of even after a thousand whispered repeats? Make it big enough that you are a part of your message, instead of your message being a part of you.

The silent take-away from the invisible man is that there is little value in pushing your personal brand. All the value is in the pull and power of your personal message

Keep Making Magic,

Roger James Hamilton

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Fast Forward your Business - UK and South Africa Tour | London 6th Sept 2012 | Manchester 10th Sept 2012 | Johannesburg 15th Sept 2012 | Cape Town 18th Sept 2012

Big thanks to Mark Victor Hansen, Eli Davidson, Larry Benet, Nick ONeill, Dinny Lansdowne, Crystal Dwyer Hansen, Yanik Silver, Topher Morrison, Domingo Silvas and Sean Campbell for joining me on stage at Fast Forward Your Business United States.

After full house events in United States we now take the Fast Forward event to United Kingdom and South Africa.

Here's what you're going to learn at this, follow up from last year, and again totally revealing and fresh event:

  • The latest Top 10 trends that will make or break your business in the next 5 years and how you can tweak what you learned last year or implement from the ground up if this is your first time.

  • How to future proof your business for future success and what new driving factors to be conscious of in 2012

  • Immediate steps to profit now from the changes taking place.

  • And as per usual, much much more mind bending insights and distinctions with the Wealth Dynamics Community all the way through the day....

You'll be meeting with some really influential people from all areas of industry in your area who are on similar path to you, people who are focused on making one heck of a difference in their business, the people they work with and the community around them.

Make sure you book yourself in now and secure your place
>> http://on.fb.me/ffybfacebook

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When is your NOW?

I am on this extraordinary journey with my Crystal Circle Members across Peru and Mexico. In preparation for the Fast Forward your Business events, I produced this video “When is your NOW?".

This video comes from the middle of the Machu Picchu site. On this trip we are learning about the Incan's and have just arrived at Uxmal after spending another magical day at Chichen Itza, learning about the Mayans at the end of their long calendar and the beginning of the 14th Baktun.

To view the video click here >>http://bit.ly/ffybmachupicchu

Click here to view photos of the trip so far http://on.fb.me/NR0iQQ

Take action NOW! Book a seat to our upcoming Fast Forward tour to United Kingdom and South Africa before 7th July and receive a special gift from me. A 40 mins Changemakers video from our Los Angeles event. Here's a list of Changemakers that were present at our event in LA Mark Victor Hansen, Eli Davidson, Larry Benet, Nick ONeill, Dinny Lansdowne and Crystal Dwyer Hansen.

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Green SuperCamp | Bali
Junior Camp | 11 to 13 years old |7th to 13th July
Senior Camp | 14 to 18 years old |16th to 22nd July

Do you have children between 11 and 18 years old? Following the success of our camps at the Green School in 2011, we are holding the junior (11 to 13 years old) and senior (14 to 18 years old) camp this July, and places are already going fast. We are receiving registrations for both students and crew. Green SuperCamp is a unique partnership between the world-renowned Green School & SuperCamp, the world leader in summer enrichment camps for students. For seven fun, inspirational days, teenage leaders between 11 and 18 years old will have the camp of a lifetime, learning the world’s best accelerated learning skills while building the values of a Global, Green Citizen.

Visit the website to book your place today!

Here's a short video of some of our campers sharing their experience


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