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Dear Reader,
What happens when you strike gold? Which of 2 paths will you take? I was with my family earlier this month in Sacramento, the centre of the 1848 California Gold Rush, on our way to Lake Tahoe where we celebrated my birthday :-). I was telling the kids the 2 stories of the California Gold Rush in the car today...

First there’s the story of John Sutter. He arrived in California in 1839, when there were only 1,000 foreigners in the state. When one of Sutter’s employees found gold on his land in 1848, Sutter tried to keep the find quiet. Word got out, and in 1849 the Californian Gold Rush began, with those taking part known as the ‘forty-niners‘.

What did John Sutter do? He sued those who trespassed on his land to dig for gold. He then sued the US government to defend his land rights. He spent the next 30 years in court, suing until he was penniless. He finally won $50,000 compensation in 1880, aged 77 years old. But then he died two days later, before he could pick up his reward.

Then there’s the story of his son, John Sutter Jnr. He didn’t try and fight the gold-hunting trespassers. Instead, he saw all these new visitors as customers, and set up the town of Sacramento on the fork of the American and Sacramento Rivers. All the 300,000 gold diggers used this as a stopping point during the gold rush. Sacramento grew into a city, and then became the Capital City of the State of California in 1854.

Sacramento became the end point of the Pony Express, and then the end point of the First Transcontinental Railroad, generating more income by the 1860s than the entire gold rush. California, in turn, created entirely new industries including Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Each has become global and created far greater fortunes than the gold rush ever did.

John Sutter died an unhappy, penniless man. His son died a happy, wealthy man. Both lived in the same times of change. The difference? John Sutter was focused at trying to hold on to what he felt was his. John Sutter Jnr was happy to let it all go and go with the flow. He realised that true wealth doesn’t lie in the gold, but in the flow.

What are you holding on to? What could you let go of? Where is flow already occurring around you? Flow that you can turn into a pool of value?

If you were to act like John Sutter Jnr, what would you do differently to create new pools of value for those busy digging for gold?

I wrote this story from Citizen Hotel, overlooking the main square in Sacramento. It’s a “Joie De Vivre” Hotel. The chain was set up by Chip Conley in 1987. I met Chip earlier this year. Chip, like John Sutter Jnr, goes with the flow. He sold the Joie De Vivre chain to Hyatt Hotels heir, John Pritzker, in 2010 for $150 million.

Instead of holding on to what was his, he let it go and went on to his next passion - inspiring others. One of his books, ‘Emotional Equations’, reduces our feelings to equations. For example: "happiness = wanting what you have ÷ having what you want"

Think about that. John Sutter didn’t want what he had but needed to have what he wanted. Happiness eluded him. John Sutter Jnr was happy to be the opposite, and so ended up happy.

And wealthy.
Why are you in business?
Zen Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh says “To be loved is to be recognized as existing.” Our business becomes alive and vibrant when our customers recognize a part of themselves in our mission and our products. We attract more talent and partners when we recognize the talent and partners we have. When you do your best work, your work becomes a mirror in which you recognize your greater self ~ In which you love and are loved.

When I spoke to Richard Branson about business, he said "Business is all about people." What he means by that is "Business is all about love."

Rather than seeing your business as a means to an end ~ as a way to sell a product or make a living ~ why not see it as a mirror of love through service? With every action and transaction with your team or your customers, ask yourself "Am I showing them how much I love them?" By serving others, your business is a way to love others by recognizing they exist every new day. By doing your best work, your business is a way for others to love you.

Surely with this new definition of business, rather than thinking about competing with each other to get love, we can all serve each other to give love. With this new definition of business, we can create a mirror of love through service to humanity and the world in which we exist.

Keep Making Magic
Roger James Hamilton
Founder, Entrepreneurs Institute
Last one month has been extremely busy at iLab. We ran our first Social Entrepreneur Award competition and had over 180 social entrepreneurs from around the world apply for the competition. Ali Rice, from Rice Design UK won the 1st prize, which includes 1 month fully sponsored stay at our resort in Bali along with daily mentoring and training with other ilab participants.
We also had a great group of entrepreneurs and mentors visit iLab. To checkout some of the photo's click here.
The next iLab will be Held in Bali between 21st September – 20th October and 12th November – 11th December 2013, iLab is a unique 30-day incubator program that will dramatically accelerate your business’ progress in a way that no other consulting or in-house training can. It gives you the amazing opportunity to surround yourself with dynamic entrepreneurs and experts for instant support & feedback, attend training sessions on how to work remotely, and learn how to build a global, anytime-anyplace business.

Most importantly, at iLab you’ll also get an eye-opening look at all the ways you can make a positive difference in the world through your business.
I am looking forward to my upcoming Fast Forward your Business UK Tour. If you happen to be in UK then please join us for this one day event in London and Manchester. I would love to meet you.

At this event you will learn:

  • What the TOP 10 Trends for 2013 will be.
  • Which of the trends in 2012 have already been surpassed by more effective technology.
  • Where you should be focusing your attention to achieve maximum return in 2013, based on your specific business and industry.
  • The most effective business models that are working today and are different to the ones even just 12 months ago.
  • The very latest innovations at the cutting edge (Roger has just returned from Silicon Valley with some amazing updates).
  • A clear plan on what to do, what not to do, and what to change to get a 10x increase in results in your business.
  • What you can do today to build your GLOBAL business simpler than it may even be to continue growing your current local business.

Click here to book your seat now.

I am looking forward to the worlds first Trust Conference in London where i'll be speaking along with Stephen MR Covey and host of other internationally renowned experts in building Trust, including Sue Swanborough, HR Director of General Mills.

The Trust Conference is a one day conference, designed to help Business Leaders explore the meaning and measure of Trust. It draws together people who wish to understand and improve their levels of Trust that others have in their business, and ultimately, to use Trust as a tool to improve bottom-line profits.

At this event, not only will you be learning from some of the world’s leading authorities on Trust in organisations, you’ll leave with specific actions that you can implement in your business or organisation immediately to both measure and increase levels of Trust, as quickly as possible.

Specifically, you will learn:
  •     How to use Trust to create and sustain high performing teams who love coming to work.
  •     How to turn Trust from a soft idea into a hard business measure.
  •     How it can accelerate business performance.
  •     Case studies of the effects of a lack of Trust in organisations and  markets.
  •     Examples of businesses that are using the concept to achieve   phenomenal success.

Click here to book your seat for the Trust Conference

How would it feel to give your child or a child you love a life-changing experience that sets them up for success?

What would it mean to you to give the child a level of personal joy and academic achievement you never thought possible?

What if in 7 days the child discovered his/her potential, their love for you and a renewed zest for school and life?

How would you feel to know that you can create this for the child and their life would never be the same again?

You CAN create it and this is your chance to give your child or a child you love access to the best education in the world. . . free of charge.

This is an invitation for your child at the next Green SuperCamp® Australia September Forum from the 26th September to the 5th October 2013
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information thrown at us each day? I am. So I created my own daily news that gives me the most relevant articles around the world from the people I trust and respect. They include articles, videos, photos and links. Have a look at these brilliant news pages by clicking on any of the three links below. On the right hand column of the news page you will see a subscribe button. Click on it, and you’ll receive your own daily dose of the same super-userful news I’m looking at each day.

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iLab Mentor Paul Dunn at Vision Villas with visitors from Awesomeness Fest
Fast Forward your Business - UK 2012
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