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All our Products on this site are organised into the Lighthouse, designed to support your path to wealth. 

Like climbing a mountain, lasting wealth requires certain steps in the right order. Many of us rise only to fall again because we rushed the steps or missed certain steps altogether. Other’s haven’t started because we are don’t know which is the first step to take.

Whether you are venturing out on your own for the first time or you are an experience entrepreneur or sophisticated investor, you will find all the steps – and your own next step – within the Wealth Dynamics Light House.

“The Lighthouse is a library of expertise, educating investors and entrepreneurs in purpose and profit.”

At every moment, there are three simple steps to move yourself forward:

1. Know who you are and where you are at this moment using our Wealth Dynamics assessment tools.

2. Go to the tools relevant for you now by accessing the right level of the Lighthouse and understanding the next steps.

3. Apply the tools effectively by surrounding yourself with the right environment, team and support to ensure success.


Why do we need the Lighthouse?

The lighthouse provides a structure to master the language and strategies of wealth creation. Any advice you have ever received on wealth creation – whether a book you have read or advice you have received – has a place in the lighthouse.

We are often absorbing information that does not apply to our own personal path or our current level of wealth. That’s as useful as learning basketball skills when you’re on the football pitch.

The Lighthouse includes all the games, and all the levels, within wealth creation. Once you become familiar with the blueprint, you can ensure that in every moment you are accessing the right advice and resources at the right time.

Here are the levels of the Lighthhouse…

1. Entry

Entry level is your starting point whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned investor. Within this level the misinformation about wealth creation is stripped away and we learn the true rules of the game: How value and leverage grows and how money flows.

At entry level you will find: our starter kit, which gives you your vital statistics; the Wealth Profiling Test, which explains the eight games of wealth, and which one is your natural path; and the Wealth Spectrum Test, which measures which of the nine levels of wealth you are currently at – and so what step you should be focused on to step up.

2. Application

While Entry gives you your compass, with clear direction, Application gives you your map, and covers the full millionaire map of wealth.

The nine levels match the nine levels of the wealth spectrum. Once you have completed the test, you will know which level is yours. There are specific steps to take at each level, and each level is in one of three prisms:

Foundation Prism – Ensures positive personal cash flow, clarity of passion and purpose, confidence and connection to the right opportunities and inspiring life design. These are your foundation.

Enterprise Prism – Covers the actions from start-ups, self-employment, share trading, and property investing, to building high performance teams and managing multiple businesses, and sophisticated investment portfolios.

Alchemy Prism – The third prism extends from personal flow and enterprise flow to global flow. This prism expands from managing assets to creating currency and leading nations.

Get active at the Foundation and Enterprise level, and at the right time we’ll invite you up to the Alchemy Prism.

3. Extension

While we can spend our entire life within application, Extension provides products for advanced study – essential if you choose to be a facilitator, coach, trainer or speaker.

4. Integration

Integration level is where the Lighthouse content is constantly created. It is open to Wealth Dynamics mentors who have achieved success through application, and where the courses result in new products and services to support others.

The eight levels at integration focus on Phi Dynamics - the study of flow in all areas of life. These levels span 5,000 years of history and across all cultures.

5. Mastery

Wealth Dynamics Centres serve local communities of entrepreneurs, investors and change makers, growing World Wide Wealth. Each Wealth Dynamics Centre is developing its own mentors, who are each focusing their own mastery in one of five areas of World Wide Wealth. This level provides successful wealth creators with a way to continually stretch themselves within a dynamic community of fellow mentors.

6. The Final Exam

In the 1970s, Buckminster Fuller said our technology had progressed to a stage where we could solve the world’s major problems. From here, either our consciousness would catch up with technology and we would harness it, or technology would accelerate ahead and eventually destroy us. This he called the final exam. This is the light of the lighthouse, and the ultimate purpose of our collective work at Wealth Dynamics.

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