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Wealth Dynamics 6CD set (DOWNLOAD)

Wealth Dynamics 6CD set (DOWNLOAD)

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Product Description

Highly Recommended ...

Wealth Dynamics is a revolutionary technology that will guide you on your path to wealth by matching ALL the eight paths to wealth, with personality types.

It provides the answers for anyone who has been confused or frustrated by the apparently conflicting advice of successful wealth creators.

Learn, amongst other things...

  • The polar opposites of wealth creation.
  • Value ownership vs value leverage.
  • The eight wealth profiles.
  • Three critical obstacles to wealth creation.
  • Finding your wealth altitude.
  • Wealth path vs industry path.
  • Why millionaires still fail.
  • How certainty turns failure into accelerated growth.

And Discover:
1. The formula for wealth and the wealth paradox.
2. How to tune into your wealth frequency.
3. Your 6 step strategy to create wealth based on your wealth profile.
4. The journey to "wealth beyond words".

Please note: 
We suggest that to get maximum value from this CD set that you first discover your own wealth profile. It only takes 15 minutes to discover your wealth profile... for just US$97, you can take your test. See our Wealth Dynamics Profile Test.

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