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Top 10 Trends in Business - Intelligent Interspaces (Year 2011)

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What is this wave?

What triggered the Renaissance 500 years ago? Many will point to 1440, when Gutenbergy invented the printing press in Italy. This transformed the way we spread information, and gave scientists, inventors and leaders a new way of sharing information. The industrial revolution triggered a similar revolution with the shift from print to audio (radio) and visual (TV) in the last 100 years. While it feels like the Internet has spurred a revolution in communication in the last decade, so far it has not changed the means of communication that began in the industrial revolution - It has been audio, video and text from a keyboard. 

The real revolution is just beginning - When we stop thinking and communicating in two dimensions, and move into three dimensions. This is when we stop using keyboards, and everything works at the speed of our senses, with touch screens, voice recognition, virtual worlds and augmented reality.

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