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Fast Forward your Business - Virtual Conference

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This year we have had over 3,000 people attend our 'Fast Forward' events around the world. Roger's just come back from Singularity University in Silicon Valley with the most amazing new trends taking place in business. We are running one last 'Fast Forward' event on the Top 10 Trends in Business, and this time it's for EVERYONE.

Come and experience for yourself, Roger James Hamilton and some of the global changemakers he has met on his journey's across the world this year, as they share:
• What the TOP 10 Trends for 2013 will be.
• Which of the trends in 2012 have already been surpassed by more effective technology.
• Where you should be focusing your attention to achieve maximum return moving into 2013, based on your specific business and industry.
• The most effective business models that are working today (They are different to the ones even just 12 months ago).
• The very latest innovations at the cutting edge (Roger has just returned from Silicon Valley with some amazing updates).
• A clear plan on what to do, what not to do, and what to change to get a 10x increase in results in 2013.
• What you can do today to build your GLOBAL business simpler than it may even be to grow your current local business

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