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How to Build a Million Dollar Team

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Knowing your Wealth Profile gives insight to your motivated self, and to know and find these complementary principles in others. Recognizing and discovering your Wealth Profile engages you to take the path of least resistance and unlock your wealth. When you know the 8 Wealth Profiles, you begin to see them in others. Align with them and everyone increases their wealth. It’s been said, if you want to find a Billionaire, look at a group of Millionaires, and the Billionaire will be the one in the middle. This is because a kaleidoscope of energy and flow is built and allowed to flourish and all personality types are validated and contributors. It only takes three (3) to build a team. Do you know the other two types that make a solid structure for you?

How do you remain true to your Wealth Profile and craft a team? - A million Dollar Team?

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