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Have you ever wondered if you're growing too slow? Or too fast?

Buckminster Fuller says "Controlled time is our true wealth."

That means that getting the pace just right is what allows your business to grow. Like an apple seed, watering too fast floods and kills the tree, and watering too slow starves and kills the tree. Watering just right allows the tree to grow in its flow, and to turn into an apple tree where you then have as many apples as you like.

Last week I was in Brisbane for my Fast Forward your Business event, where I made an impromptu Entrepreneur TV video of a conversation with three entrepreneurs in my mentoring circle. Each has gone from start-up to million dollar business within a few years. Each has done it in their own niche by following the same steps to stay in their flow.

Watch the video here.

Sometimes, it simply takes a change in the pace - to speed up or slow down - and the flow that eludes you suddenly appears and carries you forward.

Enjoy the video, and you can find plenty of comments and links to the entrepreneurs that joined us at the event below the video. Add your comment to the conversation!

Keep making magic,


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