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YOUR LIFE YOUR LEGACY | Audiobook (download)

YOUR LIFE YOUR LEGACY | Audiobook (download)

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Your Life Your Legacy: Entrepreneurs guide to finding your flow by Roger Hamilton

Highly Recommended ...

This audiobook explains how, when we find our flow, we find our fortune.

It details the stories of 38 legendary entrepreneurs who have created and contributed incredible wealth as a result of finding their flow. It deciphers their success through Wealth Dynamics, a revolutionary map of wealth creation that is being used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in Asia Pacific. Read it, and discover your flow.

Imagine a race in which the runner takes off full of energy and enthusiasm. Intent on winning, for the first few moments he enjoys the breeze in his face and the feeling of progress. However, after a while he thinks ahead to the finish line, and wonders how far it is. Then he wonders exactly where it is. He realizes that he has no idea. In his excitement to get going, he never thought to get a map. 

No matter how much energy and enthusiasm you may have, without certainty of where you are going and how you will get there, you will soon lose momentum. In such times, many of us seek motivation to keep us going. My approach has not been to seek motivation, but to seek certainty – to seek direction. Once you have clarity about your path, then your momentum along it will reach new levels. 

Wealth Dynamics will give you this clarity. It identifies your own natural path to lasting wealth. It explains why it is that when you follow your natural path, you find your flow: you attract the resources you need to achieve your true potential. It explains why your life path leads to your life purpose. It is based on the life experiences, successes and failures of many who have run the race before us. It covers the journeys of those who we admire today for what they have achieved – the lives they have lived and the legacies they have left. 

Wealth Dynamics is not just one path to wealth creation, but every path – of which your path is one. This book is about your life. It is about your legacy.

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