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This 'One Big Idea' will change everything

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Have you noticed how everything around us continues to accelerate?

2016 has had the most unpredictable, unstable start of any year in the last two decades.

Global currencies have been in chaos, stock markets have faced high volatility, oil and commodity prices have been extremely unpredictable. The once-booming tech market has turned into the "Death of Unicorns" as the capital markets turn.

In the doom and gloom, we're also seeing more new technology advancements than ever, from the advent of virtual reality, to the growth of artificial intelligence, to advances in health science. There are more opportunities and more entrepreneurial success stories than ever.

What's your plan to keep up with these exponential times?

If you don't yet have one, I do! It's 'One Big Idea'.

Recently I gave a talk in South Africa called "Keys, Monkeys & Money". It's my signature talk for 2016 on my 'One Big Idea'. Each year I do one talk like this, and you can watch it here.

Exponential times, call for exponential learning. This year we are seeing a major shift in not just the way we communicate, but the way that we learn.

I strongly recommend you watch this video to see your own business and industry differently. If you don't have time to watch it now, bookmark it and make a note to come back to it. It's worth it!

Leave a comment on the video and I'll reply. I'd love to hear your reaction to this 'One Big Idea', and then I look forward to seeing you put it in action!

Keep making magic,

Roger James Hamilton

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